How to get “FREE ELECTRICITY’ on your next Camping Trip!

How to get “FREE ELECTRICITY’ on your next Camping Trip!

by Ron Garrigus on November 22, 2020
solar panels How would you like to get “FREE ELECTRICITY” on your next Camping Trip? Does that sound good? Even better you can have free electricity even if you are in the deep back woods far from civilization. Well Zamp solar panels are the perfect solution to let you take your adventures off the grid while still being able to power your small appliances or other electronic devices. Our portable solar panel kits from Zamp Solar are easy to use and transport, so you can easily carry them camping or on other outdoor adventures. You can even carry them on your boat so that you are sure to never run out of power!

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Would you like to get out into the great outdoors and go camping, but you are not quite ready to be totally off the grid? The Zamp portable solar panels are just the right answer! You can get far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still enjoy some of the creature comforts like lights and television. These solar panels can be easily carried on your camping trip so that you can power lights, TV, and other small appliances without the need to be near an electrical source. Sure, you could use a generator to accomplish the same result. But think about how heavy a generator is – you cannot just easily carry it with you to your campsite. Not to mention the fact that a generator is noisy and produces a lot of exhaust fumes. With our solar panels from Zamp Solar, you can power your devices in quiet peace. No noisy generator or smelly exhaust fumes. Just the sound of the birds chirping and the smell of fresh, clean panel kit solar panel kit These Zamp solar panels also allow you to save money. You no longer need to worry about buying gas for the generator or paying for more expensive campsites that include an electrical hookup. The sun will provide all the power you need, and there is no charge for that! Plus, the best campsites are often the ones that are the farthest away. With these solar panels, you can travel to those remote campsites without worrying whether your batteries will have enough power to get you through the trip. Even if you are a farmer, then look no further than our portable solar panels from Zamp Solar to help power all your agricultural needs. You no longer need to dig trenches and run wires to your outbuildings or irrigation systems. Eliminate all that hassle with one of our solar panel kits. You can power all your auto timers and greenhouses with ease as you let the sun do all the work. Plus, you do not have to pay to use the sun’s power! solar panel kit solar panels

We have portable solar panel kits available in sizes from 45W to 230W, so you are sure to find one that meets your needs. These kits will charge any kind of 12V battery – even lithium! Our portable kits typically take less than 5 minutes to setup, so you can have power in no time. If you run into any problems during installation or setup, then our free technical support is always standing by and ready to help. Simply give them a call and they can walk you through any issue that you might have. Did we mention how easy setup of these kits is? It only takes a couple of steps to have your power up and running. You simply just need to remove the panel from its padded case, open it, unfold the legs, and place it in the sun. Then just connect the kit to your battery with the included alligator clips or SAE plug. Many RV’s come pre-equipped with solar-ready ports already installed. It is that easy, and you will be charging in no time!


With the small size and lightweight nature of these portable panels, you can easily carry them in your travel trailer or vehicle. You may not always be able to carry a large generator. Even if you do, they are loud, and you must worry about having enough gas to run them during your trip. You never have to worry about those things with Zamp portable solar panels.

We also have an extremely helpful sizing chart to help you determine which portable solar panel kit is right for you. By answering just a few simple questions, you can decide which kit you need to power all your devices. The digital display on the charging controller also gives you plenty of information about the status of your system. Get yours today so that you can enjoy free power on all your outdoor adventures!


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