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Experience the Many Benefits of a Modern Electric Fireplace!

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

Gone are the days of boring, fake, or tacky looking electric fireplaces. Today’s electric fireplaces offer the warmth, comfort, and ambiance of a real fire without the need for wood or gas. Below are some reasons why you should choose electric for your next fireplace:

Easy Installation!
Electric fireplaces do not require venting or non-combustible materials, making them cost-effective and straightforward to install. All that is required is some simple wood framing (for built-in models) or wall studs (for wall-mounted style). The fireplace can be either plugged into an existing socket or hard-wired with the hard-wired kit included in each fireplace.

Electric fireplace installation requires some simple wood framing and some finishing materials, no need for venting, exterior vent caps, or gas lines. The straightforward and simple installation of an electric fireplace makes them ideal for your home.

No Toxic Fumes!
There are no real flames which means you don’t have to worry about gas or smoke penetrating your home. You get the look and feel of a real fire without having to worry about inhaling potentially toxic fumes.

It's Totally Green and Emission Free!
Electric fireplaces are the greenest fireplaces available today. They produce zero emissions and burn zero fuel. The only input is electricity; therefore depending on how the electricity is produced, an electric fireplace can be 100% carbon neutral. Electricity has long been the greenest way to heat your home.

It Can Reduce Your Heating Bill!
During the winter months your heating bill will increase if you are constantly using your home’s heating system. An electric fireplace is an effective way to heat up the room in which you are sitting without drastically increasing your heating bill. Using an electric fireplace is a very effective way to save money while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

They're Built to Last!
Electric fireplaces last a surprisingly long time. Unlike other heaters and fireplaces, they are less susceptible to problems like corrosion or rust. Even after years of use, these devices have the potential to look and function like they are brand new.

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