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We have custom fit floor mats for
thousands of vehicle applications!

Available in different types of
Carpet and or All Weather Rubber materials!

custom floor mats

Make your vehicle interior look as good as new with a set of our custom fit floor mats, while adding that unique touch and styling to your vehicle interior. Our custom fit floor mats also help to prevent mud and snow from getting on your vehicle carpet keeping your interior cleaner.

We have over a thousand vehicle applications for Cars, Trucks & SUV's, and our floor mats are available in Front & Rear Sets and Cargo Areas. Our custom fit designs will make sure that your floor mat is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Best of all our floor mats are even available in different types and colors of Carpet and or All Weather Rubber materials.

But that's not all! You can even choose from over 1,000 Licensed Logos from many Manufacturers!

Custom Embroidered Lettering is also available in many different types of fonts and colors as well!

So go ahead and find your set of custom floor mats now!

Available in over 1,000 Licensed Logos from many Manufacturers!

Custom Lettering is available in many different types of fonts!

Many different colors of Mat Edge trim is also available!

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Product "FAQ'S"

Q: How long before my floor mats ships?
A: Your floor mats are custom made, carefully inspected, then shipped to you, not simply pulled off the shelf. Currently we’re shipping most floor mats within 7 business days of the order. (If we can ship it sooner, we will.)

Q: What is your return policy if I do not like the looks or the color once I receive my order?
A: Since all of our floor mats are truly custom made for each customer, they are non-returnable. We will though strive our very best to ensure that the fitment and or color matches our high product standards. If this shall occur, then please contact us as soon as possible. We will then at our discretion send a replacement set at no-charge to you.

Q: Are my Lloyd Mats going to be the same shape and fit exactly the same as my original factory floor mats?
A: No. Lloyd Mats designs the shape and size of its mats independent of the factory mats. They are designed to cover as much of the exposed flat area of the vehicle’s floor as possible. In general, Lloyd Mats tend to be larger and cover more floor than original mats. It is possible that Lloyd’s mat shape is similar to the OEM factory mat, but they are not taken from any Original Equipment Manufacturer’s pattern.

Q: Do all Lloyd Mats come with floor mat anchoring devices?
A: All Lloyd driver mats and some passenger mats come with floor mat fasteners. For most vehicles, Lloyd Mats are compatible with the fastening systems installed by the vehicle manufacturer. When there is no factory installed mat fastening system, such as in older vehicles, or it is not possible to use the factory fastener, Lloyd provides its own proprietary mat fastening system.

Q: Can I customize my floor mats by using a different color of embroidery edge trim?
A: Yes, when placing your order there will be an option where you can specify the color of embroidery edge trim.

Q: If I order just a set of front floor mats for my vehicle now, will I be able to order the rear floor mats later? Also will they match?
A: Yes, you may order one set of floor mats now and the other later. However, if you ordered a set "carpet" floor mats they will be cut from a different roll of carpet, and there is a chance that the dye lot will be slightly different. If you want to be absolutely sure of the match, we suggest ordering all the floor mats at the same time.



Here is the the quickest and easiest way to place your order; and or to receive just a price quote only. By doing so it will save you time, as well as receiving the correct price for any options that you may desire. NOTE: Due to the many options and logos available; we strongly urge you to do this online; instead of by phone. It's really that quick & easy and thanks for your cooperation.

1. Select the Type of Floor Mat that you wish to purchase from the below screen.
2. Then select your exact vehicle by using the drop down arrows.
3. Then select your Floor Mat Type that you wish to purchase; i.e. 2 PC. Front Set.
4. Then select your Mat Color.
5. Then select your Logo if you so desire. (If not; then either hit the tab "Plain Mat" or the "Personalized" tab if you wish to have custom lettering).
6. Then select the type of Mat Edge. Either the Standard or the Premium Edge. (If you wish to purchase a different color of Mat Edge; then select the Premium Edge).
7. Now it will display your actual cost; including any options that you desire. Then you can easily add your order to the shopping cart.

"BERBER 2" Carpet Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $106.90


The classic look of traditional berber and the durability of modern materials have been combined to create a unique, stylish, long wearing automotive floor mat. This custom fit car floor mat has a tight loop carpet face of specially engineered premium nylon yarn. Our multi-layer backing with final TractionBac™ provides stability, moisture and skid-resistance. Choose from solid or heathered colors for these exceptional floor mats that will perform and look great for years.



  • 32 oz. per yard premium continuous filament nylon yarn
  • Five solid and four heathered, multi-tonal colors
  • Multi-layer moisture resistant non-skid backing
  • Hundreds of trademark emblems, or personalization
  • Factory compatible safety anchors keep mats in place
  • Lloyd's proprietary anchors used on all vehicles without factory devices
  • Five year warranty

"CLASSIC LOOP" Carpet Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $86.90


For an affordable car carpet mat that won’t let you down, it’s hard to pass by the classic. Featuring a short carpet weave, our signature range cleans easily and feels wonderful, and it is a perfect match for the budget-conscious car lover who won’t compromise on quality.


  • Heavy-duty 20oz.-per-yard tight-loop polypropylene yarn
  • TractionBac triple-layer non-skid protection
  • Eight permanently dyed fade-resistant colors available
  • A two-year warranty
  • Full range of customization options, including personalized text and trademark manufacturer logos
  • Highly effective moisture, dirt, and stain resistance
  • Complete hook solution for vehicles that aren’t already equipped with anchor points
  • Compatibility with pre-existing manufacturer anchor points

With a two-year warranty included and a very affordable price point, these mats are a must for car enthusiasts looking to save. It’s not just the price, either. The low profile of the carpet ensures dirt and debris won’t get stuck, saving you on time-consuming cleaning.

"LUXE" Carpet Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $160.00


Ultimate comfort and long-lasting luxury come together in our LUXE Carpet Luxury Floor Mats. This is pure driving pleasure, instantly upgrading any floor area with a thick, luscious, long weave that feels wonderful to the touch. A non-skid backing with a soft urethane core adds both total safety and extra cushioning while also absorbing and diminishing outside road noise.


Just one touch, and you’ll never settle for anything less. Our LUXE floor mats include:

  • Plush premium nylon yarn at 48-oz. per yard
  • Durable continuous weave that won’t come undone
  • Carpet pile depth of half an inch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full customization options, including 11 colors, authentic manufacturer logos, and personalized text
  • Compatibility with existing anchor points or custom Lloyd Mat slip-free hook solution

The magic touch of LUXE starts with the carpet. We’ve selected the thickest, heaviest, most luxurious yarn possible for our deluxe car mats, giving it a depth profile of half an inch so your feet really sink in.

Our deep floor mats are available for every area of your car or truck, including all three seating rows and cargo areas. If you’re looking for a custom carpet floor mat that truly reflects you and your vehicle, we’ve got a near-limitless array of personalization options. Choose from 11 stylish colors, and then add embroidered, iconic manufacturer logos or custom text as you wish.

"ULTIMAT" Carpet Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $106.90


Lloyd's Best Selling Mats! The Ultimat got its beginning as Lloyd’s original Custom Automotive Carpet Mat, and with almost four decades of continuous improvement and modern engineering design, the Ultimat remains unmatched. Like our other custom car mats, the Ultimat features custom patterns with a large selection of colors, trademark emblems and designs to choose from.


Each of our mats features:

  • Premium continuous filament nylon at 32 oz. per yard; the high-density, two-ply, heat-set weave gives Lloyd Mats remarkable bulk and density.
  • The ability to choose from 30 original factory colors for your floor mat.
  • A choice of hundreds of trademark emblems as well as personalization options.
  • A matching and continuous cloth edge that won’t unravel under normal wear and tear.
  • Lloyd's proprietary anchors that are factory compatible and help keep the floor mats from slipping and sliding.
  • A five-year warranty.

"VELOURTEX" Carpet Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $86.90


Velourtex carpet floor mats for cars are affordably priced, yet heavier, denser, and smoother than factory-made mats. A stiff backing helps maintain shape and reduces slippage even if the mat gets wet. These quality car mats protect you and your car.


Our wide line of Velourtex car mats include:

  • 22 oz. per yard yarn made from a premium, continuous filament nylon
  • A carpet face texture similar to the factory-made floor mats
  • A multi-layer, moisture-resistant, and non-skid backing
  • The ability to personalize, or customize your floor mat with trademark emblems and more
  • Lloyd’s proprietary, or factory-compatible safety anchors to help keep your floor mat in place
  • A three-year warranty

The custom-made car mats come in twelve popular original equipment colors, so you can find a quality replacement for your vehicle. With over 1,000 trademark emblems and logos as well as other personalized elements available, the customization opportunities are endless.

"RUBBER TITE" Rubber Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $84.90


Hundreds of “wells” in each mat provide great capacity to hold water, snow, mud, spills, or tracked in debris. These custom, fit all weather mats offer excellent protective coverage of passenger and cargo areas for all vehicle makes and models. The exceptionally durable heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible in sub-freezing temperatures, removes easily and cleans with the spray of a hose. Choose from thirteen colors and clear.

  • Molded high capacity “wells” capture moisture, dirt and debris
  • Available to protect all passenger and cargo area surfaces
  • Easy to remove and clean, no bulky sidewall
  • Material stays flexible in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Textured non-slip face. Molded non-skid nib backing
  • Factory compatible safety anchors keep mats in place
  • Lloyd's proprietary anchors used on all vehicles without factory devices
  • 3 year warranty

"NORTHRIDGE" All Weather Rubber Floor Mats
Plain Front Mats Starting At $84.90


Northridge floor mats protect your vehicle’s interior from moisture, dirt, and spills in any kind of weather. These rubberized vinyl car mats capture moisture instead of letting it flow across surfaces like liners and trays, and they maintain their integrity regardless of the temperature. Suited for installation in passenger and cargo areas, these all-weather mats can be found in custom-fit selections for your vehicle’s make and model.

  • Precise, custom fit thanks to computer design and automated cutting techniques
  • Maximum coverage for complete protection of interior surfaces
  • Surface channels to confine moisture and debris until cleaning
  • Synthetic rubber that’s remains flexible when cold and firm when warm
  • Proprietary anchors or factory-compatible safety anchors
  • Molded non-skid nib backing to avoid slippage
  • Single-piece mats that are easy to remove and clean
  • Available in clear and seven other colors
  • Covered under a 4-year warranty

Plain Front Mats Starting At $59.90


Custom cut for an exact fit, Protector Mats are made of a durable, heavy-duty clear vinyl. The clear car floor mats let you enjoy the appeal of your vehicle’s factory-installed carpet while protecting it against debris, spills, footprints, and more.


  • Custom-fit for all vehicles
  • Durable material
  • Textured, non-slip surface
  • Skid-resistant backing
  • Coverage for all driver, passenger, and cargo area surfaces
  • Easy removal and cleaning
  • Glare-free surface
  • Factory-compatible safety anchors or Lloyd’s proprietary anchors
  • 1-year warranty
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