Rock Tamers 3.00" Mudflap System

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Rock Tamers 3.00
Rock Tamers 3.00
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Rock Tamers 3.00" Mudflap System

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Your trailer may look rough and tough, and it may be capable of carrying equipment that's even rougher and tougher. However, it doesn't take much for your trailer to look worn, damaged, and downright ugly. If you're going to subject your trailer to all of the debris that's lurking out on the open road, you need the right trailer protection.

That means you need to invest in a rock guard!

With a look that's similar to mud flaps, a rock guard shields your trailer and the back of your vehicle from all kinds of debris -- like rocks that get kicked up on the road, or tar that flies up and tries to stick to your trailer. These rock shields are designed to take even the hardest of impacts, because they're made out of heavy-duty rubber. That means they'll absorb whatever debris flies into them, instead of letting it bounce around and leave damage.

Best of all, the good rock tamers are adjustable. So, no matter how big or small your back bumper is, your rock guards will sit in just the right spot. You can even trim them if your vehicle sits close to the ground!

Want even more good news? You won't need to call a professional to get your rock guard up and running. It only takes a few minutes to install the special mount, and all of the necessary mounting hardware is included. Then, all you have to do is slide the aluminum support rods in, and you've got all the trailer protection you could ever need!

You'll never have to take a rocky road trip ever again!


» Rock Tamers is easily attached and or removed from any standard 2.00" or 2.50" receiver hitch!

» Rock Tamers have a fully adjustable width from 66.75" to 93.75" to fit most vehicle applications.
In addition the height of the mud flaps can also be easily adjusted as well.

» Heavy duty 24" X 24" rubber mud flaps are 3/8" thick for maximum protection.
In addition each mud flap can be easily trimmed to any size desired.

» Rock Tamers feature heavy duty aluminum support rods that are corrosion resistant.
Stainless steel mounting hardware is supplied as well.