Universal Tandem Axle Trailer Fenders: Plain Steel Style

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Universal Tandem Axle Trailer Fenders: Plain Steel Style Trailer Fenders RecPro
Universal Tandem Axle Trailer Fenders: Plain Steel Style Trailer Fenders RecPro
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Universal Tandem Axle Trailer Fenders: Plain Steel Style

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When it comes to safety, stability, and eye-pleasing looks for your travel trailers and tow behinds, diamond plate is the way to go. While visually industrial chic, this solid-steel square trailer fender is a substantial addition to your tow-behind trailer. Not just for safety purposes, these fenders will make sure that your trailer is fit for travel on the road.

While most states require fenders on tow-behinds (non-commercial, all commercial are required to have some style of fender), not all do. This should not stop you from adding this practical upgrade to your trailer. Here are a few reasons to add this fender to your towable:

Stability – When you correctly weld this fender to your trailer (multiple contact points), it will add stability to the overall profile of the trailer. Any stabilizing element will help to reduce the forces of torque on your trailer which will reduce wear, help with smooth travel, and help keep from producing yaw outside of the capabilities of your car to tow or a sway control you’ve added to the unit

Protection – If you had nothing covering your tires as you traveled down the road, you would have a constant shower of dirt, rocks, chemicals, water, and other road debris spraying all over whatever you were towing behind you. If you happen to be pulling a classic car with a brand-new paint job, by the time you reach your destination, if you don’t have fenders, you can bet there will be dirt, chemicals, and scratches on the sides of your precious vehicle. A simple addition of some bumpers will keep your items in great shape.

A Step Above – Having wide-open tires on the side of your trailer is dangerous. Especially when you’re loading and unloading the tow-behind. It's terrible for your tires because anything sharp that might be on the back of your trailer (without a fender to stop it) can reach your tires and scrape or puncture them outright. It’s dangerous for you, as an owner, because if you’re crawling all over the back of the trailer and you’re trying to balance on a tire while you’re adding a strap to your load, you can easily slip and fall. This can lead to injury to yourself or damage to whatever you’re hauling. A properly installed fender (welded completely at multiple contact points) can give you a sturdy surface (and a surface with diamond plate style traction) to use during loading and unloading.

There are many reasons to put fenders on your trailer. If you value safety, stability, and a keen industrial design, then these rugged quality fenders are for you.

NOTE: This fender is for a weld-on application. It is not meant to be bolted on.


  • 10" W x 64" L x 16" H"
  • 14-gauge steel (5/64" T)
  • Easily cleaned with steel wool
  • Treat with WD40
  • Must be welded to the trailer
  • Fits most 13" to 15" standard trailer tires
  • Solid steel - *These fenders are made of Raw Metal, not painted, and must be treated to prevent rust.