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Universal Style; Fits any vehicle!

We have a huge selection of Body Side Molding available for many late model Cars, Pickups & SUV's. 

Our body molding trim adds true styling while protecting the vehicle exterior from dings; dents; and scratches.
Best of all door molding can be quickly and easily installed in just moments at a very
low cost. Our body side molding is guaranteed to add sharp styling to your vehicle as well!

body side molding installed on trucks



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We have a large selection of Molding Trim that is
Pre-Cut and Pre-Painted to exactly fit most
late model Cars & SUV's.


Our body side molding quickly attaches over the top of your existing vehicle body panels in seconds!

Our body side molding is available in many different universal and or factory OEM styles and widths! Some are even available with factory formed tips on a few select styles!

 Easy Installation!
Our body side molding can easily fit any vehicle by just trimming the length of each piece with a utility knife. Then you can easily install it by cleaning and prepping the surface; then peeling off the backing of the pre-applied self adhesive tape and applying to the surface. It's that quick and easy!

Our body side molding is manufactured from the highest quality of OEM approved ABS available. You can be assured of a highly durable and long lasting body side molding for your vehicle!

Our body side molding have already pre-applied the highest grade of 3M adhesive tape available for permanent adhesion.

Body Side Molding: 9/16" to 7/8" Wide.

Body Side Molding: 1.00" to 1&7/8" Wide.

Body Side Molding: 2.00" to 2&7/8" Wide.

Body Side Molding: 3.00" to 3&7/8" Wide.

Body Side Molding: 4.00" to 4&7/8" Wide.

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