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Your tailgate doesn't need to look drab & boring!

Quickly & easily add that "WOW" factor in just minutes at a very low cost!

It's quite easy and inexpensive to add true bling to your vehicle when you install our chrome trim! Because they're made out of the highest-quality stainless steel and highly polished to a brilliant chrome mirror finish; you can rest easy knowing that our chrome trim will give you a rust-free sparkle for years.

And because they're specially-designed to fit your vehicle, you'll never have to worry about them looking out of place! So go ahead and add that "WOW" factor to your vehicle! 

Manufactured from 434 grade of stainless steel; which is the highest quality available. You can be assured of a super long lasting and rust-free chrome trim accessory for your vehicle.

Highly polished to a brilliant chrome finish!

Made to exactly custom fit your vehicle for an exact fit.

 All of our chrome stainless items have already pre-applied the highest grade of 3M adhesive tape available for permanent adhesion.

Easily installed by cleaning and prepping the surface; then peeling off the backing of the pre-applied self adhesive tape and applying to the surface. It's that quick and easy!

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