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Discover the UDECX Difference!
The Easy DIY Patio Deck in a Box!
Installs in Just Hours!

UDECX is a modular, portable and easy to install DIY composite decking system
that transforms your outdoor living space in just a short time.

Best of all it can be done at a fraction of the cost
compared to a professionally installed concrete patio.

Wow! Watch the above short video!


No cutting, nailing or drilling are required. Most installs can be done with two people and in a few hours you can be living carefree outdoors.


Because UDECX is made of a composite material with no wood filler you will never have to worry about your deck being damaged from the effects of water or insects. UDECX comes with a 15 year limited warranty. The only maintenance needed is a  suggested annual cleaning.


UDECX was designed with the consumer in mind. Our modular components make it easy for anyone to install in just a few hours with only a few tools. Most municipalities won’t require a building permit since UDECX isn’t permanently attached to your home and is less than 30" off the ground.

patio deck
patio deck
patio deck
udecx patio deck

It's perfect for many uses; including RV's!

•Backyard Home Patios •Modular Homes •Manufactured Homes •Mobile Home
•Camper •RV •Motorhome •Camper Trailers •Travel Trailers •Fifth Wheel
•Tiny House •Tiny Homes •Small House •Vacation Home •Tailgating
•Family Reunion •Outdoor Wedding •Dance Floor •Sidewalks

Available in Flint Grey or Cedar Red Color!

Also available in different size kits!

udecx patio deck
udecx patio deck


The UDECX composite decking surface is composed of standardized 40-inch square surface pads for easy construction or arrangement. Our starter kit is conveniently shipped in one box with easy-to-follow instructions that make it ideally suited for quick set-up in practically any outdoor environment. Because it is modular it can be easily adapted and changed to meet changing needs or requirements. The surface pads are made of composite material to ensure strength and durability and feature a non-slip synthetic wood grain texture. These pads support 100 lbs per square foot. We offer a 15 year manufacturers warranty and our products are proudly made 100% in the U.S.A from recycled materials.


Our patio units are lightweight and incredibly durable. We’ve designed our composite decking system to be portable and temporary; as well as strong enough to be installed permanently. Our starter kit is delivered directly to your driveway and includes everything needed to transform your unique outdoor space into a personalized comfortable area to enjoy with friends and family for years to come.

installing composite decking


Anyone can enjoy the benefits of the easy-to-install and minimal maintenance do-it-yourself UDECX composite decking system. The UDECX starter kit comes with one simple tool which is all you need to create a unique area for outdoor lounging or dining. Our modular patio system gives you all the benefits of a traditional deck/patio without all the hassles that are associated with construction. There’s no cutting, drilling or dealing with permits or contractors, extensive costly excavation or cost of materials. Unlike wooden surfaces our durable, easy-to-clean patio surface won't decay or attract insects or pests and won’t need constant maintenance.

So how does UDECX compare with other decking options/products?



Product FAQ'S!

Q. What are the components of UDECX made of?

A. The UDECX composite deck surface pads are made of polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer resin, via a compression molding process. A fiberglass infill has been added to provide additional structural support and a UV inhibitor helps protect the surface from damage caused by exposure to the sun. The piers, shims and risers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene resin with talc added for additional strength thereby ensuring years of worry free use.

Q. How "green" is UDECX?

A. UDECX is committed to doing its part to safeguard the environment. In addition to our components being recyclable, when possible we've used recycled resins to create our components. UDECX also reduces the environmental impact of adding a deck by not requiring a sub-frame or treated lumber with associated health risks, not to mention waste going to a landfill. One of the best features of UDECX is that it is reusable; you can take it with you when you move or reconfigure it, meaning it never becomes obsolete.

Q. Can I take it apart and relocate it?

A. Yes, the UDECX system is designed to come apart just as easily as it goes together. The modular design allows you to relocate, reconfigure or expand the deck easily.

Q. Once it is installed can I buy additional pieces and expand it?

A. Yes, all UDECX components are designed to allow for easy expansion. If you install a kit this year you can buy additional components in the future to expand you deck to change with your lifestyle.

Q. What happens if it settles over time?

A. UDECX has been designed to accommodate all soil conditions including clay, gravel, topsoil and even sand. If you do due notice settling in the deck, the modular design allows you to remove the pads in just the affected area and raise the piers either by adding soil or the use of one of our risers or shims to re-level the piers, reinstall the pads and you're done.

Q. Do I need a permit?

A. In most municipalities a permit is not required to install the UDECX system since it is generally smaller than 300 sf, less than 30" off the ground and is not permanently bolted or otherwise attached to the home. You should check with your local building department to see if they would require a permit.

Q. Can I make other shapes besides a square patio?

A. Yes you can! The basic building block of the UDECX system is a 40" x 40" square pad that comes in one of two color choices, Flint Grey or Cedar Red. Using this basic square building block, you can build almost countless configurations (think Legos!) Visit our Design Center for just a few examples of the practically unlimited different configurations that you can build with UDECX.

Q. If I buy additional pieces in a year will they fit my existing UDECX patio deck?

A. Yes, components are designed to work together and the modular system insures that future components will work with existing kits. The color of the existing deck will have faded slightly so the new pads may be slightly off in color. Most fading occurs the first year, so after a year or two the color will be very close to matching between the old and the new.

Q. How much prep work of the ground is required?

A. When installing the UDECX patio deck the piers need to be level with each other. You can level the grade at each pier location by using a 4 ft. level spanning between the piers to insure that all piers are level prior to installing the pads and cam-locks. Also you can purchase the optional (12) 1" shims and (4) 3" riser blocks which will allow you to adjust for any uneven ground.

Q. My lawn slopes down across the back of the house and also toward the back of the yard. How tall could the risers be stacked at the low areas?

A. The UDECX shims and riser blocks can be stacked to a maximum recommended limit of 1 ft. above the ground. The UDECX system will be 6" above the ground with just the standard pier and by stacking the shims and risers up to a maximum of 1 ft. you end up 1'6" above the ground when the deck is fully installed. If the slope is is more than that you can dig down into the high end to reduce the overall height at the low end. An excellent option is to terrace the deck so you have a raised portion at the house and then step down onto a lower section of the deck where the ground falls away.

Q. How can I measure how tall the risers need to be to make it level?

A. Consider using string and a string level. With the string 6" above the ground at the house you can stretch the string to where the deck will be at the low end and then measure down to see how high it will be off the ground.

Q. What is the weight of a kit?

A. A kit weighs approximately 460 lbs. When you have it shipped to your home from one of our retailers it will generally be dropped at the end of a driveway or other curbside area. Simply open the packaging and carry the components individually to where you intend to install your deck. The heaviest components are the surface pads that weigh about 40 lbs. each.

Q. Is it safe for all BBQ grills?

A. Yes, UDECX is similar to other component decking products, as long as there is sufficient space between the grill and the UDECX surface there isn't an issue. UDECX recommends using a grill mat to prevent staining of the surface from grease or other debris.

Q. How strong is the UDECX system?

A. UDECX has been engineered to support 100 psf, this is more than double the load requirement per code for most of the US.

Q. How is the system secured to the ground?

A. Each UDECX starter kit includes a 12" steel spike for each pier to secure it to the ground. We also offer 18" spike if you use more than 6" of shims and risers in combination. We recommend using 18" spike where ever you have a railing post as well.

Q. What if any, are the issues with water and freezing, is the product rated for a freezing temps?

A. The UDECX pads each have a small crown to them that allows for water to drain to the edge of the pad and the small gap between pads allows for water to drain from the surface. Because UDECX is designed with a "floating" foundation there should not be an issue with freezing and thawing of the ground as long as the system is not directly secured to the home or other structure. The entire deck will move with the ground. If there are any areas of settling these can be easily addressed by re-leveling the piers in the affected areas.

Q. What maintenance is required?

A. We recommend cleaning you UDECX patio deck once a year with water and a brush or broom. A mild detergent can be used as well if there is staining from leaves or other debris. We do not recommend using a pressure washer as this could damage the surface texture of the pads.

Q. What is the UDECX warranty?

A. UDECX components are guaranteed against faulty manufacturing for a period of three years from the date of purchase and covered for stain and fade for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase.

Q. Can UDECX be installed over concrete?

A. Yes, installing UDECX is very simple over an existing concrete patio. The piers would be secured to the concrete using concrete screws in place of the 12" spikes included in the kit.

Q. How long does it take on average to install UDECX?

A. A 10'x10' starter kit can generally be installed in less than 2 hours with 2 people working. This will vary with the grade involved and other circumstances. The most time consuming portion of the job is spacing and leveling the piers. The UDECX starter kit includes a cardboard template to assist you in correctly spacing the piers. You can also purchase the optional (12) 1" shims and (4) 3" risers to make it easier to level the piers. The shims and risers nestle together and can be used in various combinations to add 1" up to 6" to the underside of a pier.

Q. What skill level is required to install a UDECX patio deck?

A. The system was designed to make it a very friendly DIY project, even for a novice. The modular system means there is no cutting, sawing or drilling. The only tools you need are a shovel to level the ground at the pier locations, a hammer for securing the pier top the ground with the included spikes and a level to insure the piers are aligned prior to installing the surface pads. The kit includes a hand tool for securing the cam-locks.

Q. Can I use my new patio deck immediately after installation?

A. Yes, with UDECX you can "Imagine in the morning and Enjoy in the evening"


(CLICK HERE) to view our Online Designer Tool.

Helps you to easily to customize and calculate
the exact number of each part that you will need
to build your perfect patio deck. It's that easy!

From: Todd
Installation was great, primarily done by my 11 year old daughter and myself. The cardboard template was extremely helpful, leveling was relatively easy. The whole process to install the 2 kits was less than 3 hours. When we went back and added the 3 additional pads it was very easy as well. Had to pull up a couple pieces and move some piers, but did not take long at all. Really improved the looks of the area, can not imagine how the process could have been more efficient. If an old accountant and his 11 year old daughter can assemble it, anyone can.

From: Frank
I needed a removable deck for a beach property. Although it can be a permanent deck, I needed it for just the summer months. Came across this product. I ordered it. It was a very easy product to install. Most of the work is getting the grade of the ground ready. It took about an hour to install a 10 X 10 deck. This company thought of everything and made it so easy. I liked it so much, I ordered additional pieces to make the deck larger. We had as many as 15 people on the deck at one time and it handled the weight beautifully. Can't say enough good things about it. Best thing was that I could remove it at the end of the beach season. The only tool needed was a hammer to drive the pins into ground. The company provided everything else.

From: Sunshine
I have been looking for months for something that would accommodate my pool area as well as removing our current decking...this works perfectly! I needed more than the starter kit, but the additional cost was worth it! Looks great and it was super easy to put together.

From: Robert
I researched decking for months and I am so glad I bought UDECX. I am stunned at how easy this was to install (I am not a handyman and did it alone) and how great the quality is...even more importantly, the wife loves it

From: Kyle
This product is simply amazing. My wife and I have been back and forth on whether to build a deck or get a concrete patio. We planned on moving within the next few years so we didn't want to pay for something now and then pay for something all over again when we move. So we decided to put in the back burner UNTIL we found this product. My wife and I walked in to Home Depot and they had a UDECX system set up. My wife loved it right off the bat but I was a little skeptic at first. I thought "a plastic deck yeah right." So I walked on it and it was solid and then I started to jump on it, and I weight 220lbs, the sales rep probably thought I was nuts. But to my surprise it was extremely solid and sound. So we ordered a 10'x10' kit plus 5 extra deck surface pads to make it a little bigger. It took me longer to unpack everything than it did to put the UDECX system down. If you follow the directions you will have no problem, even on un-level ground. I started on my new UDECX at around 9:00am and was grilling on it by 11:30am, what other deck or patio can you do that with, and I am no contractor I spent 10 yrs blowing things up in the Army so putting something together is new to me. The installation was super easy and the customer service I received from UDECX was top notch. Everyone in my neighborhood has come over to see my new UDECX and they also love it.

From: Meggy
We ordered the udecx starter kit because we are military and currently renting. This is the perfect option since we can move with it and incorporate it into our next landscape project. I was a little concerned about weather 10x10 would be big enough, so placing most of the furniture off the deck allowed us to compensate. The product was much more durable than expected and the area rug provided the product to look high end. My husband and I highly recommend this easy to assemble deck!

I had been looking for an inexpensive, do-it-yourself and easy to install patio. Finding this decking system was an answer to a prayer on all levels. It was everything I was looking for. It is inexpensive compared to conventional decking, it's made in the USA, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Installation is easy and goes quickly with two people (the pads are heavy). The components to the system perform as described. This decking will add BIG TIME to the enjoyment of summer/fall outdoor living. The only improvement I would make is to enhance the color of the "red" cedar pads. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a patio without the expense and fuss. YOU GO UDECX!!

From: Sallie
This is such a great idea. Kind of like giant Legos. Everyone that sees it is impressed. We bought the starter kit, maybe next summer we will add to it. Came on time with everything we needed to set up. Most excellent!!!!!!

From: Nick
I recently purchased UDECX for my RV and I COULD NOT LOVE IT MORE!!!!! There is literally no other product out there that is a better fit for the RV/deck lover!!



***NOTE: These prices includes Truck Freight Shipping to many locations in the lower 48 US States.
If you are located in a certain area, please check with us ahead of time
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Let’s Compare UDECX Against the Competition! 

UDECX is a great value – you get what you pay for! Here’s why:

  • Have your priced out wood/composite decks lately? UDECX is very price competitive even without the many benefits that UDECX also offers compared to the competition!
  • There is little to no maintenance over time! Just clean it occasionally is all that is necessary.
  • There is no wood rot, no repainting, no repair. Nothing!
  • It can either be permanent or portable. You can take it with you when you move!
  • No need for permits!
  • No need to hire a contractor! Do you know how tough it is to hire a contractor these days to get anything done? Not a problem with UDECX as you can easily install this item yourself in just hours!
  • UDECX never wears out! It will last a long, long, time!

So, when evaluating UDECX compared to the competition, keep these benefits in mind and you’ll conclude it is the best value decking solution on the market today!

None of our thousands of happy customers think they overpaid for their UDECX!

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an Instant $50 Discount: Coupon Code: PATIO50

Quantity Discounts are available!

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