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multi zone mini split


It's Perfect for Hundreds of Residential & Commercial Applications!

Looking for the convenient cooling comfort without the hassle of installing ducts? Our Quick Connect Mini-Split systems delivers all-year comfort with none of the fuss that comes with traditional central AC systems. Zoned comfort has never been easier or more affordable than with our Energy Star systems, designed to bring cooling comfort and supplemental heat to your home. Create your ideal environment with our energy-efficient systems made for do-it-yourself installation — no extra refrigerant or system evacuation required. Just install the indoor air handler and outdoor condenser, then connect using our innovative line set attachments. Our systems can be set-up within hours so you can start feeling cool comfort right away. Talk about convenient!

Here’s an Important Tax Rebate for Homeowners!

You may be eligible to receive up to an $8,000 tax rebate
by purchasing one of our high efficiency heat pump systems.

(Click here to read our Blog Post for complete details.)

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