Buick Regal Hood Mirror Kits

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1981-1987 Buick Regal (Without Cowl Hood) Hood Mirror Kit Hood Mirror Kit Auto Image
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1981-1987 Buick Regal (Without Cowl Hood) Hood Mirror Kit

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Wow! Can't you just see yourself winning that big award at a car show!
Our Mirror Kits is guaranteed to place many smiles and shouts of admiration from other people at a car show! So go ahead and order one of our mirror kits so that you can experience this feeling!

Nothing accents your engine or trunk compartment like our Mirror Kits!

» Our Mirror Kits catch all of the details of your vehicle and create a picture perfect copy onto your hood or trunk lid!

» Our mirror kits are manufactured from high grade acrylic mirror material that will not crack; and it can withstand high engine heat as well. This lightweight material is very durable and will not crack from booming sound systems.

» Our mirror kits are made to exactly custom fit your vehicle for an exact fit.

» Easy Installation:
Our mirror kits are easily installed by using the supplied installation kit which includes the following: Caulking gun with adhesive; masking tape; and installation instructions are included. Free factory technical support is also provided.